The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Groupon For Dental Marketing And Patient Acquisition

Dentists in large cities have increasingly been turning to deal and discount sites in order to attract new patients. This involves setting up a discount deal which customers can take up. Some practices choose to base this as a low cost treatment or discount, and some choose to list their top treatments and offer a large discount for the treatment.

This type of marketing is complex and the success depends on both short term and long term factors and the needs of the local dental office. If a practice wishes to attract patients for general dentistry, offering a discount on a cleaning appointment for example is an option. Practices would then hope that new patients register with the practice and return for check ups and treatment. This can attract new patients and be successful if they return and also bring other family members for example. This low cost approach has a high chance of success. Some practices will also offer a discount teeth whitening treatment.

For higher cost treatments, success can be more variable. This includes dental implants and Invisalign or other clear braces alternatives. For dentists Groupon can be mixed in terms of results for high ticket treatments. Additionally patients looking for discounts may have high expectations and may not become long term patients.

The best way to attract patients using Groupon is to list low cost treatments with a discount in the hope of attracting long term patients who will stay with the practice. To attract patients for more expensive treatments, deals and discount sites do not always work well. This is a high competition initiative and price is the main variable customers are looking at. Most customers will be looking for the best dentist in the area for a specific treatment, therefore deals based marketing may not be the best strategy in this respect.

The best approach is to build a solid patient base and to boost this through deals marketing if required. Reputation marketing on the other hand is far more effective at attracting patients for more expensive treatments. Patients will also help to increase a practice reputation, since if they are happy with their treatment and experience, they will tell friends, family and colleagues about the practice which will lead to new patients being attracted.

Dentists can also talk to other dentists about their experience with deals based marketing to talk numbers and acceptance rates for treatment. Dentists should avoid being locked in on a discount deal which does not deliver patients and results in lost revenue. An informed decision will lead to the best possible outcome for new marketing initiatives.