The Use Of Before And After Images In Dental Marketing

The most popular searches for private dental treatments are for reviews and before and after images. Patients want to know how reputable a practice is, how satisfied patients are with the results of their treatment, and they want to see before and after images.

The best practices like DFW build up large galleries of before and after images covering their full range of dental treatments. This means that patients can see images relating to their concern and actual results for other similar patients.

For example orthodontic patients would want to see before and after images which show the transformation of a patients smile where they have similar concerns. For example overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, gaps or bite issues. This will give them confidence in their decision and motivation to go ahead with treatment and to follow through on their treatment plan.

Patients who want All on 4 treatment will want to read about how patients have transformed their smile and confidence and can eat all of their favourite foods again. Where as patients who want to have a whiter smile will want to see shade charts and before and after images showing tooth whitening treatments.

A full before and after smile gallery is an asset which will be owned by the practice, as are patient reviews. These are invaluable marketing tools and combined will attract many patients to the practice.

Before and after images should be professionally made and categorised by concern and treatment. The images should then be printed and displayed in the practice waiting room and on the company website. This will allow potential patients to see the images and contact the practice for a consultation.

Images can also be made into explainer videos, blog posts and articles, and can also be shared on social media for added visibility. Images should always have permission granted for use by patients, with release forms prepared and signed. These should then be filed and kept for records by the practice. Images should be anonymous unless otherwise agreed by the patient, in which case the image can be of the patients face. Without the use of before and after images, patients will search online and are likely to choose a practice which has a good range of images, as patients want to see what is possible for them. Digital simulation technology which allows patients to preview their new smile is also invaluable for patients and dentists alike. These marketing assets should be planned, built, maintained and used by the dental practice to attract more patients and serve patients better.